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FYI: I can't cook. Unless the dish is scrambled eggs, it flops in one way or another.

September 10: Mushroom Bourguignon with Brown Rice

I bought $6.00 worth of mushrooms. Let me get back to you on this.

September 11: Coconut juice
Hammered a nail into a fresh coconut at 6:00 in the morning. Shook coconut until the juice dribbled into tupperware.

September 16: Mushroom Bourguignon with Brown Rice
I boiled the bourguignon too much. It had a disturbingly creamy texture and tasted too strongly of oregano. The missing moisture would have balanced out the oregano and the butter-flour mixture that I used for thickening.

September 23: Kitchen Sink
I had other things that I wanted to get done this weekend. After buying groceries for the mushroom bourguignon, I had lots of leftover vegetables and a jar of tomato sauce to dispose of.

October 1: Baked sweet potato, gazpacho, garlic-almond lamb
I attempted to bake sweet potato fries twice this weekend. The thinnest pieces always burned before the larger pieces fully dried out. Thankfully, I liked the sweet potato regardless of the texture.

On Oct. 1st, I was on call all day and had to stay near a computer. I got out of bed to make gazpacho and to bake sweet potato. The gazpacho--one of my few repeat projects--turned out edible but a bit too watery. I probably put one too many tomatoes in the blender.

One of my dreams is to make restaurant-quality gazpacho. I had really good gazpacho in France at a restaurant that specialized in fresh fish. I have yet to actually find a recipe that provides more insight into gazpacho than my mother's European recipe book. If I ever locate a superior recipe, then I might actually make progress on my ideal gazpacho.

One glass of that French gazpacho probably cost me as much as all of my grocery store ingredients. At least I have that going for me.

Alternately, maybe I need to move to Kansas and grow tomatoes. Homegrown Kansas tomatoes are lovely and might improve my gazpacho significantly.

(Given that I have yet to actually visit Andalucia and eat the genuine article, should I even be writing about gazpacho?)

I also tried baking lamb. Since I had raw garlic and almonds sitting in the fridge, I threw both into the marinade along with rosemary.

I probably overcooked my lamb. (Rare? Medium rare? What do these terms mean?)  The lamb drippings proved rich enough to almost make me nauseous. Maybe I used too much olive oil? 

October 8th: Sriracha Lamb Bone Kitchen Sink Soup

Before I started cooking the soup, I sauteed vegetables and almond slices. Then I let the bones from last week's lamb sit in a simmering sriracha broth for a couple of hours.

Even if I put some distance between myself and the broth, it made my nose and sinuses itch for about an hour. The broth also stained everything that it touched. 

After the broth simmered, I put in a can of black beans, a can of tomatoes, and the sauteed vegetables and almonds.

Although the broth made me sneeze, it actually tasted really good. 



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