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  • Everything that I cook is some variation of melted cheese on toast. I just baked mushrooms, onions, and tomatoes after tossing them in salt, olive oil, and worcestershire sauce. I put the mix on toasted sourdough with melted cheddar cheese.
  • I really want to know what anonymized browsing histories look like. If ISPs in the US eventually release so-called 'anonymized' browsing histories for all of their users, could those third parties cross-reference Web addresses in browsing histories with links in social media and blog posts? Someone might figure out how to do this even if ISPs aggregated browsing histories in order to avoid linking browsing histories with a particular user ID. (If an ISP does associate browsing history with a particular user ID, then browsing histories and social media posts become much easier to compare.)
  • If someone has to invent technology that can read my brain, please, please come up with a way of recording my dreams before I die.
  • I need to come up with some life goals other than "Make enough money to survive in retirement".
  • Somewhere along the line, I tied my sense of self-worth to how many algorithms I understood and how many technologies I learned to use. At the same time, I would rather watch television than study in the evenings.
  • I would like to ask a video game programmer how many algorithms that they know just to find out where objects are in relation to each other in 2-dimensional space. 
  • I would also like to ask the creators of Darkened Skye about all of the silly bugs in the game: falling through an invisible hole in a cave to my death, discovering the underside of pond graphics, letting me skip battles by allowing me to climb over the top of a flying ship...

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Training the AI through his dreams only worked as long as the dreams provided him some kind of positive feedback. If those dreams failed to live up to reality

As a more than a mimicry of human life, the AI responded to the same kinds of reinforcement that human beings did. His programmers would have to do better than to make the AI's positive reinforcement a higher score or cheese at the end of a maze.

I hope that my department impresses me more next semester. Although my AI class was interesting (I learned how to train my Pavlovian Pacman player, how to write recursive Prolog, and how to store n-grams in graph form), the other course only taught me how I should conduct myself more professionally.

I want to be a professional who gives my colleagues more than a day's notice; who keeps track of seemingly "missing" colleagues; and who gives criticism using emotionally even, easy-to-understand language. As a writer, I find my last goal particularly interesting to think about. Would I feel comfortable with being a poetic grader? How would words like "vomit" affect the students whom I was grading?

Here are, perhaps, questions that merit research: Does a style manual exists for coders? Are method names automatically nouns although we (or just I?) think of them as code components that perform specific actions? (For example, would you write a Java method that shuts something down as "shutDown()" or "shutdown()"?) What other ways exist to store and search n-grams besides parse trees? Just what is the best way to train a robotic arm to flip pancakes?
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I am finally learning MySQL and PHP this semester (squee!). With these tools at my disposal, I can now build an HTML-based platform for writing stories or blogging. While LiveJournal has the same functionality, I am one those get-under-the-hood kind of people. As my course has focused mostly on normal forms, relational algebra, and database data structures, I may need to read up on MySQL blobs before I start any independent PHP projects.

"At the NNIA, blackeiderdown has just discovered that the NNIA stores some its data as magical constructs called 'blobs.' The blobs are radioactive green and shake like jelly if poked..." 
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I'm taking a class called "Virtual Evolution and Automatic Spell Generation" at the NNIA Academy. Translation: I'm taking a class in genetic algorithms and genetic programming.

My made-up title for the class actually describes its topics well. Genetic algorithms evolve solutions to problems by using natural selection, crossover, and mutation on a population of genetically diverse organisms (potential solutions). Genetic programming evolves functioning computer code.

The NNIA would probably use genetic algorithms and genetic programming to simulate how numbers react in different situations (id est in the real world, find the solutions to complicated math problems). 


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